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4 Steps to Success
“We’re in step with you all the way”
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Practice Marketing Campaign


If you’ve ever shot an arrow, dart or firearm, I’m pretty sure you were aiming for a target. If not, you would just be shooting into the air and hitting whatever happened to be in the path … if anything. That is exactly what happens with marketing when you have not determined your target audience and start firing off your marketing. Picture your marketing dollars just floating through the air. No wait, don’t! Let’s not let that happen.

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Call Conversion Training


Once you’ve made the investment to make the phone ring, you want to rest assured knowing those perspective new patients become actual new patients. Statistics tell us that approximately 50% of new patient calls go unscheduled. With proper coaching, at least half of those lost calls could be converted to new patients.

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Successful Case Presentation


Once you’ve attracted the new patient to your practice and converted them on the phone to an appointment, it’s time to win them over and set your practice apart from the rest. Times may be different now and patient loyalty may not be what it used to be, but

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