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About Robin Morrison

RobinMorrisonLGRobin Morrison’s passion for dentistry and health care, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to become the founder of two successful companies. She is the president of RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc., founded in 1997, and Dental Consultant Connection, founded in 2011.

Robin began her career in dentistry in 1981, working in an exceptional dental practice as an office administrator and marketing director. In 1997, she began to live her dream and launched her first business, RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting.

As many entrepreneurs do, Robin recognized more business opportunities and needs, and couldn’t resist launching her second business, Dental Consultant Connection (DCC). DCC connects dental consultants and dentists to ensure the practice selects the right consultant to fit their needs. DCC has formed a “dream team” of 35 brilliant dental consultants who specialize in niche areas of dentistry.   www.dentalconsultantconnection.com

In 2012, Robin teamed up with Linda Miles to form Oral Cancer Cause, Inc. (OCC), a Florida not for profit corporation. As founders of OCC and partners in additional dental projects, Robin and Linda have worked tirelessly to form an organization that financially assists oral cancer patients and their families during their treatment, while creating awareness about oral cancer.

OCC was founded in memory of Robin’s brother, Mike Collins and Linda’s sister-in-law, Charlotte Estep, both who lost their battles with oral cancer. www.oralcancercause.org

Robin is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and a lifetime member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM).



The RLM Advantages

What We Do

RLM Healthcare Marketing & Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing professional, ethical and effective marketing materials and programs to dental and medical practices.

At RLM, we pride ourselves on offering the flexibility to tailor our services to each practice’s unique needs. RLM is unique in its approach. Every practice has a style, their own goals – no two practices are the same. So, why should their marketing plan be generic?

RLM introduces tried and true practice growth strategies. No cookie-cutter material is created for our clients. It is all custom designed to project the image of each practice. No time to create marketing materials? No problem – we do most of it for you!

RLM does the work for you because we know that you are busy taking care of patients. We simply conduct a phone interview with you to familiarize ourselves with your practice and collect your logos (or design one for you if you do not have one), bios, photos and other specific items related to your practice. We then custom write and design your material. It’s that easy for you to project a professional image, and to increase patient flow and case acceptance.

Reasons to use services of a healthcare marketing company:

  • Increase profitability
  • Don’t reinvent – use tested promotions
  • Cost effective – don’t spend money where you don’t need to – learn where to spend it
  • Increase internal referrals
  • Increase case acceptance and patient compliance
  • Create a reputation in the community